The chapter on hematuria presents a really curious sampling of medieval pathology.

  • The chapter on hematuria presents a really curious sampling of medieval pathology.

Gilbert claims: “The getaway of blood in the pee schedules occasionally to the liver, occasionally to the bile,7 in some cases to the kidneys and also loins, occasionally to the bladder. If the blood is pure and also clear, in large amount, blended perfectly with the pee and also accompanied by discomfort in the best hypochondrium, it comes from the liver.

  • Such urine offers scarcely any debris. If the blood comes from the lrili vein.

It is also instead pure, however much less pure than in the previous situation, nor is the amount so terrific, while discomfort is really felt over the region of the 7th vertebra, counting from below. If it originates from the kidneys, it is scanty as well as pure as it leaves the bladder, but quickly coagulates and also develops a dark deposit in the vessel. While pain is really felt in the pubes and abdominal muscle … If pus, blood, and epithelium (squamae) are passed, as well as the smell is solid, it indicates ulceration of the bladder”

  • Diabetic issues are defined as “An immoderate passage or tourist attraction of urine from the liver.

To the kidneys and its flow via the kidneys, as the outcome of a warm or dry of these organs.

“The suggestion of some organization of the liver. And also kidneys in the production of diabetes go to least as old as the l lth century. And Gilbert’s interpretation of the disease is undoubtedly borrowed. From the “Practica” of John Platearius (A.D. 1075), of the school of Salernum.

The symptoms, continuous thirst, dry skin of the mouth, emaciation, even with a pang of excessive hunger, regular and also profuse urination, are properly provided, yet no expertise of the presence of sugar in the urine is suggested.

Dyampnes (spontaneous micturition) declares a page or even more of description and also therapy. As well as its regular event in old men, as well as youngsters, are observed. 토토총판

  • In the division of the illness of females, chapters adhere to amenorrhea.

Menorrhagia, hysteria (suffocation matrices), prolapse, ulcer, abscess, cancer cells, dropsy as well as “ventosity” of the uterus (physometra).

  • In the allied department of obstetrics, we find chapters on the indications of fertilization.

On the urine in pregnant women, on tough labor, prolapsus uteri, retention of the placenta. Message partum hemorrhage, afterpains, and the edema of maternity. The root causes of hard labor, according to Gilbert, are malposition, dropsy. Immoderate size and fatality of the fetus, debility of the womb, and obstruction of the material flow. Malpositions are to be dealt with by the hand of the midwife (obstetrics). Adjuvant procedures are hot bathrooms, poultices, inunctions, fumigations as well as sternutatories, as well as using particular natural herbs.